Fitness for Women in English

We offer the following opportunities for English speaking students from September 2008 through the whole academic year:

Body toning training
We move every of your muscles, burn the superfluous calories, shape your body into a perfect one, so that you can feel yourself confident in your body all year. You can experience this on lessons with very good atmosphere.

Fitness personal trainings – Fit weight controll programmes:
On the basis of your aims, we prepare your individual training programme, which will be shown to you every time by a qualified fitness personal trainer, who speaks an excellent English and who will help you with your training. S/he puts a diet together suitable for your aims and level of condition.

Cellulite and body regenerating massage possibilities:
If you want to get rid of cushions of fat, or you long for relaxation, you should try our massage. Our masseur guarantees success and you can even have a chat while being massaged.

Trainings are held by qualified, English speaking aerobic trainers, personal fitness trainers and masseurs.

Adress: T-Forma Woman Fitness Club Debrecen, Mester street 1.
Opening hours: 7.00 AM – 9.00 PM
Information from are the fitness personal trainers :0620/917-8790


T-Forma Fitness tulajdonosa

Testépítés -Fitness Személyi Edző

06-20-917 8790


Tamás Balogh

T-Forma Fitness director